was established in 2011 as an independent not-for-profit international research and training centre aiming to set up technical and research cooperation amongst countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Third countries (Balkan, South Asia and Latin America). Thematically, activities are focused is on climate change, integrated environmental assessment (IEA), integrated water resources management (IWRM), flood risk management and resource efficiency. Started by researchers and practitioners and driven by the explicit requirements of the institutional network, METCENAS provides a broad spectrum of practical and advisory services.







Services provided

• Independent research and development in the area of climate change, sustainable resources, water resources management and flooding protection.

• Provision of independent research outputs and available expertise, training and support services, knowledge transfer and Centre's own capacity

• Systematic training and education, especially for civil servants in the environmental field, and tertiary education

• Development of national comparative documents, e.g. for cross-border comparisons

• Harmonization of methodologies used for environment assessments; policy measures, instruments and monitoring, environmental information analyses and dissemination

Establishment and fostering of platform for cooperation of public institutions in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Third countries to share knowledge and experience in the field of environment assessment, resources efficiency and forward looking assessments